Bitcoins Blockchain Technology and Truly Decentralized World - #0 Introduction

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Today most of the peoples on earth don't know anything about bitcoin or technology behind it. Everything is in early stage and public opinion is being shaped as we speak, every day by all soarts of media. There's a lot of misconceptions and a lack of true understanding of this subject and everything that's connected to. In this article I will try to explain real utilization of blockchain technology in everyday world. It's very easy to copy and paste few sentences from Wiki where author is using very technical words known only to IT professionals. This text is written to truly explain those terms in easy to understand language known to all internet users, entepranours and business owners of any sector.

We will take a look not only at Bitcoin but almost all major cryptocurrency tokens adopting blockchain technology in its own unique way. All Startups shown here are exploring what blockchain technology can really do and how its adaptation will shape our future day-to-day life. We can definitely say that at this point its sure that blockchain will change our political systems, economic infrastructure and almost all known industries. Business adaptation rate is increasing exponentially, every day more and more software engineers is being educated and trained in blockchain technology. Almost all major corporations invested in the blockchain, they start founding universities and startup teams with tens of millions of dollars to make sure they will get the biggest piece of the pie as early adopters. Internet infrastructure gone change first giving everybody truly free platform to publish information in any kind of format without any kind of central authority. Our society is a the point where it could do so much more but have no efficient enough tools to do that. Blockchain will change all of that, you can be sure of it.

Article gone be divided on to 5 parts to give relative information to all sorts of users, not only those who are already familiar with blockchain subject.

  1. First Part will explain what is Bitcoin and why blockchain technology behind it is so important. We also need to agree on basic definitions of few terms used in this article like decentralization, tokens, assets, smart contracts, DAOs, ICOs etc. If you are new in the cryptocurrency world this part should prepare you to fully understand further parts.

  2. Second Part is about possible impact of blockchain technology on to particular business sectors. We will mostly concentrate on the overall concept of decentralization and improvements that comes with it. There's a lot of ideas and concepts that clearly show how much impact blockchain will have in comming years.

  3. Third Part will present projects that are already in motion and proving that theory presented in Part Two will become reality sooner than we might think. Blockchain Startups already attracted a lot of resources and highly skilled professionals, but despite that demand for blockchain tech and specialists is growing every day.

  4. Fourth Part is about how those presented earlier startups companies based on totally new business models will impact our day-to-day life. If those now small entities will find mass support and grow to the level of corporation nothing about average Joe life will stay the same.

  5. Fifth Part will be a little guide to future, more ambitious projects that for now can't become reality. There will be a lot of links to all sorts of blogs, videos and websites which already publish something making disruption in blockchain community.

Please comment and share your ideas about this article before we publish the rest of it. We welcome every kind of feedback.

Bitcoins Blockchain Technology and Truly Decentralized World

#0 Introduction

#1 Blockchain Basics

#2 Real Decentralization

#3 Tokenization of Industries

#4 John Doe and Blockchain

#5 Blockchin Sci-fi


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