ALWAYS buy the dip. How I made 10% PROFIT in just TWO HOURS by following this simple rule

in #cryptocurrency3 years ago (edited)

Looks like the whales behind the FUD are getting back onto the market

In just the past hours, the market cap has gone from $330B to $440B . It looks like the prices are going to go back up, and in a couple days, will be back up.
So I just made this incredible trade two hours ago. Saw that ETH dipped at around $820 Which is an awesome procie to buy

Note: 2750 RON ~ $800

Moral of the story.... ALWAYS BUY THE DIP!!!


This is good advice and congratulations on your 10% profit.

Thanks chesa. Been a while since I've been on steemit. Glad to see you're doing well yourself!

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