Snowball Mining

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Snowball Mining is a cryptocurrency mining operation. They have a goal of being an environmentally green operation while expanding and providing rewards to investors. Investors who purchase SBM tokens will then receive monthly dividends in the form of Ethereum payments each month. Users need to hold SBM tokens in a compatible Ethereum wallet in order to receive the dividend payment. These payments are made at the end of each month.

Snowball Mining already has a working operation. New funds from investors are put to use straight away for purchasing new mining equipment and employees. The hard cap target for fund raising is eight million four hundred thousand dollars. This is the ideal amount of funding for their current facilities and capacity.

Another benefit of being a token holder is having voting rights as well as dividends. They are planning the first vote after the completion of the token sale. This will be related to mining hardware selection and other important issues.

A portion of mining profits is used for growth and sustainability of the whole mining operation. By adding more mining units each month, they can grow the overall operation and remain competitive. Snowball Mining is also very active in seeking and developing the best possible mining equipment. As we all know, technology can advance quickly and it is important to stay on top of all the latest developments. By keeping up to date with the best equipment, the company can be more successful. Some of their funding is used toward this development of new technology.

To learn more about Snowball Mining and their operations, please be sure to visit their website that I have listed below. You can also read important details in their whitepaper, which I have also listed. Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are great advancements, take time to learn more about them!


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