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hello friend steemians world
your apkabar today.
today I want to write a quiet news article coming from Line Corperation company, yesterday I read one of the reliable media in india that is where I found a very encouraging news and good for the development of cryptocurrency for the future. and i want to share this news to all steemians.

Line Corporation announced that it has set up a cryptocurrency exchange Bitbox service and will be launched in July 2018. Bitbox will provide more than 30 popular cryptocurrencies for users worldwide - except Japan and the United States - and provide 15 languages. Bitbox will trade popular virtual money, bitcoin, ethereum, bitcoin cash, and litecoin with a low exchange rate of 0.1 percent. Available virtual coins are claimed to have gone through a rigorous selection of Bitbox teams, selected by an internal team, and safe for users. See also: There Will Be Digital Currency in Line Application On the one hand Line also remains in its commitment to protect its user data, bringing its trusted security system to exchange cryptocurrency.

As a core part of our new line of financial services, Bitbox is committed to meeting the high demand for diverse financial services," said Line Corporation Director Takeshi Idezawa, Representative Director and CEO of Line Corporation 2018, held at Maihama Amphitheate, Japan, Thursday (28/06/2018). "With Bitbox, Line users will be able to access cryptocurrency easily, but also protected with the latest security systems to protect their assets," continued Idezawa. According to him, with Bitbox released Line, all transactions will be cheaper and safer. Line also claims to play an active role in promoting research and technology development such as blockchain and improving the security of instant messaging in its applications for the security of users. "A lot of transactions are happening, with blockchain, transaction technology will be cheaper and safer and we are proud to take part in the development of blockchain" said Idezawa.


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