Should I invest in bitcoin/cryptocurrency now?

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Hello everyone,

I am really interested in bitcoin. I just recently heard about it and was really excited.
But I want to know, is it too late now?

Also, I am from india and I would like to know the government policies regarding bitcoin here.

Also please give any advice, however insignificant, as to how I should take my first steps into crypto. Any help would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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Well why not, maybe start with something with cheaper fees like Litecoin.


Which, in your opinion, would be a safe exchange?


well any of the larger ones, but dont keep your coins on there.


Yeahh!! Thanks for mentioning that! This was another point that had me confused.
Which wallet do you think I should use?
Also, how much should I ideally spend on wallets, since initially I wouldn't be having much coin.

If your fund are limited, I'd suggest giving cloud mining a shot. Hashflare is great because it pays out daily and allows you to reinvest your earnings automatically. If you are a believer that cryptos will continue to go up in value and are in this for the long haul, mining is a great way to go.

The other option is to become more involved on Steemit, provide quality comments, post great material, earn Steem/SBD, and exchange some of it for cryptos every now and then.


Yes steemit is great... We all must continue the good work here..
But mining sounds really interesting too!
I can arrange for a friend to lend me his gtx 1060.
Would you happen to know how much it would be mining in a day?


Sorry friend, I wouldn't. There are plenty of great resources out there to help you figure it out. Nanapool is a popular site if you're going to run your own rig. Keep in mind, the equipment and the type of coin you're mining are both important. Some GPUs aren't great for mining certain coins. Do your research to maximize profits.

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