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Here are the answers for the cryptocurrency quiz...
Found here:

Here are the answers

1: 4
2: 2
3: 2
4: d
5: 3
6: e
7: d
8: bc
9: ac

And the original questions:

question 1
How many of the following exchanges have there own Cryptocurrencies?

Huobi *
Kucoin *
Coss *
Binance *

Question 2:
How many of the following exchanges give a discount on fees if you use their coin:

Kucoin *
Binance *


question 3:
How many of the following coins use Proof of Stake?
Steem *
Dash *

Question 4:
Why do micro wallets exist?

a: Faucets pays small amounts of cryptocurrency (Dust) so if they send direct to the wallet
you will receive nothing because of transaction fees.
b: They provide a trustworthy intermediary
c: They allow the faucet runners and advertising network to keep funds and
make money off of undistibuted funds.
d: All of the Above *
e: None of above

Question 5:
How many of the following are active Microwallets?
Coinpot *
Faucethub *
Microwallet *

Question 6:
If you signed up for the faucets on

And then used
to get the free coins on the different faucel sites.

How many different coins would you be collecting:
a) 3
b) 5
c) 6-10
d) 11-19
e) more than 20 *

Question 7:
What does ICO stand for:

a) Initial Concept Organization
b) Impending Commodity Offering
c) Immediate Contract Offering
d) Initial Coin Offering *
e) Individual Commodity Origination

Question 8:
Which Exchanges gives you a split of the fees if you own coins of the exchange:
a) Huobi
b) Kucoin *
c) Coss *
e) Binance
f) liqui

Question 9:
If a candle stick is red with line below it and no line above it. Which statements are true.
a) the price during the period went down from the start time. *
b) the final price is the lowest price during the time period.
c) the start price was highest price during the time. *
d) the candlestick before this one ran for more time
e) the tail below the stick shows the volume.

Extra Credit:
Airdrops can be defined as the process whereby a cryptocurrency enterprise distributes
cryptocurrency tokens to the wallets of some users free of charge. Airdrops are usually
carried out by blockchain-based startups to bootstrap their cryptocurrency projects.

An Airdrop is
Name and describe an upcoming Airdrop. Not already mention by another user.

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Contact me here:

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I am grading these Items sticking directly to the rules...

I ask for the number or letter(s) for answers and people are giving me the words again and again.... and multiple answers and expectig me to count each one.

I spend enough time grading them.

Since there are a couple of you that keep doing this, be aware your scores are now reflecting how you PAID ATTENTION TO THE RULES.

No arguments on this it wastes my time.....


Tie for first place:
3 pts. extra credit 1 participation pts


3 pts extra credit 1 participation pts

3rd place:
2 pts. extra credit 1 participation pts

Honorable Mention
1 pt. no extra credit Acorn was closed (not upcoming)

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