Cryptocurrency portfolio weekly update, feeling good... SOMETHING MUST BE WRONG!

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Well I hope you did well with your flights to grace as I did this last week...Because the market WAS LIKE A YOYO, up and down a few times this week...

Disclaimer first...then on to the good stuff...
Presently I provide services as a business operations consultant. A position which includes me protecting clients by reading seeing and handling trends.

I am not a licensed investment
advisor or investigative
Journalist. These are just
personal observations and thoughts.

I know my background in the financial services industries helps me a just a smidgen and I am presenting my PERSONAL observations, which is part of the information I use to make my portfolio decisions. BUT YOU must first decide if they make sense to you, and decide if you want to use them.


As you know I have been (slowly over time) liquidating my bad positions into a flight to quality
products when they get battered down by the market.

And since NEO is already battered down it does not move down as much
when everything else gets smashed down. So I use that leverage to load up on some great buys.
And last week really had some great opportunities I took advantage of!

I Picked up Steem, Crypto20, Kucoin and Binance at much lower prices and saw then immediately pay me back with the inevitable bounce.

I am sure in the future NEO will stop being the whipping boy of China and come back some eventually,
but with Steem doing SMTs at the hardfork 20 later this year,
Ethereum coming out with Laser for a faster blockchain
and other currencies trying to step into the smart contract space
truly it may be a death nell to NEO to become the "Asiam Ethereum" because they could be to far behind market share and in the perception of others before they could battle in the space!

So should I choose it as a long term hold???? Not when there literally are thousands of other investment opportunities. I'd say definitely not.
Especially coupled with the fact that if it does remain a top 10, and starts to perform, it will be reflected in my Crypto20 position anyway.

Today was amazing out all the currencies I have with over a $20 position in them only 4 were down in the last week!


Since I liquidated alot of the etherun I did realize loses this last week but my portfolio is just busting with profits from it:

Please note my BAX is selling up from 12 to 23 (which is not shown) and my PCT (Perkscoin ConnoSoS Tokem) worth about $2100 are not displayable on these packages yet. Making my assets about 4.5k more.

Not bad....

In the Next couple of days, I will talk about a trend that I have been observing in Steem that I think anyone on this blockchain should like....

Want to help out contact me on the discord channel

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i never thought of neo that way.Thank you for the info.


Glad I could help... wait till you see the info I have on steem later this week.

Start of months are typically bullish


look I started in the Bear market lost half my portfolio value in 3 weeks and even after that I am up for the year 25% NET including the original lose.

That's from figuring out how to surf a bubble on a climbing revolutionary tech industry.

Which will be affecting the business/tech sectors for years to come.

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