Tiny Crypto Blog Implementation Headlines Tracker, Week Ending July 8, 2018

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Implementation Tracker

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Crypto Milestone: World’s 14th Largest Stock Exchange to Launch Cryptocurrency Exchange

Cryptocurrency Investing Leader With $12 Billion in Assets Adds Zcash (ZEC) and Stellar (XLM)

Coinbase Custody Is officially Open For Business

Huobi-Linked Cryptocurrency Exchange HBUS Launches in U.S. Market

South Korea is Officially Recognizing Crypto Exchanges as Regulated Banks

Exclusive: Malta PM Confirms Parliament Will Pass Three Cryptocurrency Bills

Central Bank of the Philippines Accredits Two New Crypto Exchanges

Crypto Exchange Huobi Opens Registration on New US-Based Trading Platform


Volkswagen Seeks Patent for Inter-Vehicular Blockchain Communications System

New Presidential Decree Will Hasten Cryptocurrency Legalization in Uzbekistan

Swiss Stock Exchange to Tokenize Securities With New DLT Platform

Facebook Has a New Director of Engineering for Blockchain

IBM Signs $740 Million Deal With Australian Gov’t to Use Blockchain for Data Security

Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe to Study Blockchain Implementation

Global Telecom Blockchain Consortium Unveils Working Group for Remittances

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