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While the bear market continues, I thought I would post two quotes that I believe sum up the current situation of the Crypto market and should provide insight for investors. I will not provide commentary on them, as I will leave you to interpret them. Both quotes are from Rick Rule - a legendary commodity based investor. While the quotes are pertaining to stocks, I believe they can be easily attributed to cryptocurrency as well.

"People's time expectation reflects their own preference rather than reality and if your preference varies too much from reality, you will not have a happy ending."

"If you have the courage of your convictions, what "dips" are, are sales and sales are good. If you don't have the psychological courage or the financial ability to stay the trade, stay away from volatile capital intensive businesses."

What are your thoughts on the quotes?

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As Warren Buffet mentioned, the (stock) market is just transferring money from impatient people to the patient ones. That is the truth!