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Hello Steemians,

[Warning] There is going to be some Singapore border ranting here, so you can skip to the tips part if it bothers you. I think at some point there will be a point to this post (I hope!).

I just checked into my hotel in Singapore after 5 hours at the border. The bus driver left me at the border crossing!

I'm not sure what compelled me to take the bus from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore. They told me it's only 5 hours, so I thought it's only a few hours more then the plane since the plane is so far away from the city and the bus was closer plus way way cheaper (10 Euros).

When we arrived at the first border (Exit Malaysia), there must have been 200 to 300 buses.

"Get out", yells the buss driver. I ask him where to meet him, he says up-front.

So I start following other passengers. It took an hour to get through the passport control, but then it's hard to figure out where the bus is, and it's such a mess. After walking past 100+ buses (the buses where piled up all over the place), I find my bus and only because it's what the most hideous panted double decker I have ever seen AND IT STUCK OUT!

Now it takes another hour to go 1 KM to to the Singapore border crossing. Same thing "Get our of the buss". I ask the buss driver where will he be, he just says get out!

After 30 minutes the passport stamping lady asks why is this page in your passport larger. I said I thought it's a security feature to prevent people from making a forgery of the passport and tell her after 40 countries no one has asked me that before. She calls a police looking guy and tells me to follow him.

They take me down the elevator into a room with half a dozen other people but not from my buss. Half and hour later an angry looking immigration officer asks me why is the page of my passport larger then the other pages. I said I don't know no one ever asked me that before in 40 other countries I said Germany, Italy .. He cuts me off said I don't care about Germany or any other country, I only care about Singapore. Then he asks; "when are you leaving Singapore?". I said probably very soon after this reception I got here. He said you have to have an exit ticket, if you want to enter. I said well I had no idea. He got very angry and frustrated with that answer and told me to take a seat.

30 minutes latter an imigration officer opens the door and orders me to follow him. He takes me to a boss immigration ladies office and points to a seat in her office and tells me to take a seat. How much money do you have she asks me. I said 600 Euros. Do you have money on credit cards. I actually pull my Cripto Pay Me card and said I just loaded this one and has tons of money on it. Show me the money. What? Let me see your 600 Euros. By the way no one has ever asked me to show them money at the border before! Well I show her the money. She tells me to pick up my stuff and go take a seat.

30 minutes later they say come here. Old dude comes to the desk and doesn't speak English so he tells the young kid in training to ask me if I asked the passport authority why my passport page is not uniform and up to regulations. I said that I thought it was a security feature so I can't make a forgery but when I get home I'll replace the passport. He said to the kid to ask my why I broke the law in Thailand and overstayed my welcome. I said no I did not, I went to immigration and got an extension and left the country 1 day before my visa extension expired. Not sure what kind a trick question that was. Anyway they move on to more questions like this. It was a very annoying interrogation and not something a tourist should endure (ever). Why would someone come to your country to give you money and you treat him/her like a criminal? Anyway be careful if you ever go to Singapore they are nit pickers when it comes to Emigration!

Then they tell me to take a seat.

30 minutes later I get the passport with a visa for 90 days and enjoy Singapore from the officer who hands me the passport after 2 hours. I said no thank you, I'm out of your Singapore the first chance I get. He just turned around and left.

OK, so when you travel this happens all the time. So how can you trade cripto with this kinda stress?

What I have figured out is that I can't do day trading and travel the world at the same time. There is no way! But what I can do is look for coins that I can trade only a for a few days or long term and set my buys and sells and when I'm at the hotel I can go over the trades.

My key is to keep good records I use Libre Office Calc to track what trades and positions I have and targets. I use the Coinigi for alerts. Also I use Crypto Compare to load some portfolios so i can look at them and see what is up and down.

[TIP] Be very very organized! You have to be like a very organized bean keeper to see what you have and where your crypto bankroll is. In a way it's like playing poker, you will have a bankroll to trade with and you have to be on top of this bankroll! The only way to know what your bankroll is to be organized!

So far I have been doing pretty good with this process. Eventually when I get back home in East Europe, I plan to try more day trading, but I might not like it, since I tried it in Thailand where I rented an apartment and to me day-trading crypto was just to stressful (more then dealing with the "nice" Singapore nit-picking Emigration officers).

With this trading approach I had so many tokens where I profited 100's of percent in a day or few days and had some do over 1000%. And with Coinigi I'm getting pretty good at reading the charts and love their alerts! Some of my best profits came when I got the Coinigy alerts and took action after understand what my entry and exit plans where and I stuck to my plan and executed said plan.

[TIP] : Be patient, be very patient! This type of trading is not like day trading it's more like deep sea fishing, lots of waiting and little bit of action!

This is a huge learning curve for me and it's an ever improving process.

One other thing that you can do while on the road is ICO's. I have invested in Wagerr and also in SafeEx which is a weird one they had me send BTC to some address it shows my Safeex but I have to wait for a wallet which is delayed. I'm going to slow down on the ICO's till I see how these two turn out then if I make a profit look for another one.

[TIP] Take calculated risks (bets) against your bankroll. If you bankroll is 100B then don't risk 99B. You have to develop so the bankroll risk/reward is proportional to the bets you will take. The goal is to grow the bankroll (B)!

There are tons of coins/tokens, and if you take your road trip as the Thai digital nomads do, by dedicating some work time with your travel time, you can make a living in cripto while on the road! Or maybe I'm just lucky? I think it's a little bit more skill then poker and that luck is a factor with crypto but with careful consideration you can make a profit trading while on the road.

[TIP] Invest in research! Always learn about what's going on with the coins/tokens you are trading! You have to know the news so you can react and profit from it!

[TIP] Don't be emotional. You have to look at this like poker players and their plastic chips, they don't look at it like money but tokens. You have to be detached and make educational un-emotional bets that have proper risk/reward ratios and if you are emotional you can't do that!

I'll keep posting here about what I learned and I hope it helps and motivates you and that you will also share your own tips so I can learn from you as well.

Thank you for reading, subscribing, up-voting and tipping this keeps me writing more articles like this. Today's crypto tip jar is:

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And good luck with your crypto trades!

May all your trades be profitable!


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Yip, emotion is what drives the market, so to beat the market emotions need to get out. I totally agree, however, it is easier said than done.
Thanks for your post.


Your welcome @csmit. Yes, some time I just shut the computer and go explore town till I have a chance to think about the trade and then come back with more objective thinking then put the order that has helped me a few times.

Quite nice article, just did some of your other articles. Good luck with your travels !! (Y)