<CRYPTO TOOL REVIEW> Why Coinomi is my default Android wallet and not Jaxx

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I use to have the Jaxx Android wallet but there are a few minor things that bothered me and I started to look for a new wallet to have on my Android phone. Now these are minor things, so I don't want you to think I'm bashing the Jaxx wallet, which is OK.

One of those things was that there was no running tally of my holding like in Coinomi or Exodus. You had to go one coin at a time and figure out what you had. On Coinomi it gives you the value of your entire portfolio of coins.

The second thing was the navigation that tiny arrow on top of your screen was hard to reach to move forward. I just didn't like the navigation. On Coinomi you just scroll down through all the coins and just click on the one you want.

Third I like that is has tons and and tons of coins. I have never counted them but it feels like 40 or 50 coins. And I think they just added a new coin with the last update.


When you download the wallet from the Google play store then during the installation process you get a 16 word seed, it's critical you save this because this is what you need to recreate the wallet from scratch.

I also deleted the wallet and reinstalled it from scratch then tested the restore and it worked fine.

One other thing I recommend is save your Coinomy Android Wallet APK file so you can restore it from that file if some some far fetched reason you can't get it from the play-store you can then install the wallet manually then restore from the 16 word seed phrase.


The main problem I have is when I try to send Bitcoin and scan the QR code the Coinomi wallet crashes and I have to restart again. Sometimes it works. But more then often it crashes so what I do is just cut/paste the BTC address so I can send it. I'm hoping this will be fixed in one of the future upates. Right now I just manually copy/paste the BTC address to send.

Because of the fees I have been trying to use other coins to send when possible especially when I send to exchanges plus usually they are way faster then waiting for BTC.

That is the other thing I have waited for BTC to show up in Coinomy for over a full day, but that probably has nothing to do with the coin but with Bitcoin.


The wallet supports tons of coins and I'll list them below with my address of that coin and feel free if you like my reports to tip in a coin or two, it's greatly appreciated and it will keep me publishing future reports.

<BTC/Bitcoin> 1AHpw4rhazFGB2vVMbNqVFF8gP57DCELYm
<ETH/Ethereum> 0x7d91511c9cbc54be15cc4f1de560e10d88083c7e
<ETC/Ethereum Clasic> 0xdda47f349170ce893113728d5d003be40a7e2896
<LTC/Litecoin> LaC1Apubb1UrD6mQnqixLQWYv48fcYvzxy
<DOGE/Dogecoin> DJpiRe43ogkVRc66NrA8XVC8HgCfzxh6RL
<DASH/Dash> XqCRRcWv8mVY9ty3icd1hPNRbTqWstyMCw
<UNO/Unobantium> ueE8BBzKjqqHWmUJ1sgaoAe1JxJkj9sTbf
<XVG/Verge> DBfuDntRmTSWDjBa3N5628Hb5G6sGoFNFQ
<VTC/VertCoin> Vhv8wngnuDpkGytSAGCPn9XZifSqj78VeK
<ABN/AbnCoin> BD3tiuLZH9Pg32ChCRhADGK3d673nryV6p
<AC/AsiaCoin> ASr1DpG1kMPNsegbLWUzQacbTgr6ckQYGT
<AUR/Auroracoin> AbrQddThbnb8Bt1kCoeNEQe7EnqYe7rpR9
<BTA/Bata> BLVPsHvrYwXTvnixvLyhgueaM1w9PeGrst
<XBC/Bitcionplus> B7koYLiguMgurLNj8Gj5LT1cECV7U5xqA2
<BLK/Blackcoin> BEgqzN4iapziYyCQR5k9ZRaP5kojrH6PsM
<CDN/CanadaEcoin> CTXkA3BtSDyhmbfWsJ9G3GYUVPu5APv7VU
<STRAT/Stratis> Sa3xTvueRsTqJQqVziCpDtBgyfug8cGDUT
<ZEC/Zcash> t1JVa4EQgg3UuuhezrR4qC26gzv8RL41nEx
<DGB/Digibyte> DMVbrTk7H6bKMLg32UHA4McamRmVUqRrds
<CLAM/Clams> xSi52XipmQ7ueKpoxQEWXuzsS3sBxwcWbZ
<EMC2/Einsteinium> EYk1XNrn4e9QL2kz9KGNS3pGB4LMxn62Sc
<GAME/GameCredits> GgePKmfSKJCuvPJjDFbbtruPWTbys99UwU
<NMC/Namecoin> MyXLGraGkH4eEXdj29dnZ5kzsYgtgYXwiY
<SYS/Syscoin> Sfy4WjTh95WwCXJjvy6qw2vMxNokhvafAW
<POT/Potcoin> PA7aTvRCw93jbe8jHjkwbs2R4Rq6FoMnax
<CCN/Cannacoin> CZ7w97jvfUYnQx4xhucbyc8FfD9Fttwqt2
<PIVX/Pivx> DHNhX6tQkhAGCEdB2trtQvisSMEo9hGC9D
<POSW/POSWcoin> PLokV1Vnxv4TduA47RiCfo1kCYsNj76mTb
<LCB/LBRY Credits> bLV3rgCiRY2xCcUSrJRMyKB7pHB6CeptBp

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My main concern is safety and I agree with your view point. Crypto is very volatile , pls read: https://steemit.com/steem/@charles1/the-fears-in-crypto-currencies-etherium-plunge

and we should be careful where we store our coins...lets stay in touch.

Ok will do. Thanks @charles1

Awesome article - i am travelling around south america and most people have mobiles so looking for a solid walet to recommend for them to use.

It does seem good this wallet. I have just tried it for the first time and was very quick to get a couple of lesser known coins loaded up that other wallets don't support (LBRY and Solarcoin). It is a bit of a pain to get out your private keys for each coin, which I recommend is wise to do: https://coinomi.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/29000009717-can-i-export-my-private-keys-from-coinomi-

good point

Thanks for that link @johnnypoll I'll check that out.

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when the app does an update, guessing everything is saved. Do you have to do anything after an update? Also it looks like a desktop version is coming in a couple weeks. https://twitter.com/vergecurrency/status/871214232955650048

vergecurrency vergecurrency tweeted @ 04 Jun 2017 - 03:57 UTC

another sneak preview of verge in the upcoming @CoinomiWallet desktop wallet! $XVG https://t.co/niRn0gi3aE

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Would be perfect if we can exchange more coins - especially crypto fiat token like nubits and btc pair. Any other android app that can do that?

This is my first multicoin wallet and is currently my only wallet. It also accepts mining "dust transactions" currently so I am happy about that.

I have a question about the long-term security of my coins... if anyone has an answer I would appreciate it.

How do these types of wallets (ie mobile app "secure" crypto wallets) work if they have zero support? For example, if the company goes away, no more coinomi servers/website, app store does not support coinomi anymore; can we still get our funds out?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

If you wrote down your private keys you should be able to set up your wallet on any wallet provider.

Yeah, I'm gonna get this now. You've convinced me.

I started using coinomi after I need a multi-cryptocurrency wallet aside from bitcoin. I like it because it has an option of converting the btc into other cryptocurrencies. What I do not like about it is the fees. I agree about having fees but it is a secondary wallet for me and I like the security it also brings to me