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Would the nearest update in ETH make any change to network fee for sending tokens? I lately make some checks and the fees for sending tokens on various exchanges are starting with 0,5 for a token and in some cases are close to 5-15, which in the long term (especially with growing price) make those tokens useless.


With ETH scaling, fees should go down to almost nothing. That is about fees on ETH network, which should push down exchange fees. Still even if ETH fees go to zero, exchanges can charge, just like some banks charge if you take out your money. What im trying to say fees on the network and exchange are different thing. Excample: gdax does not change fees for withdrawals, the company covers the cost.

Yes I know that - still even when you consider those on like myetherwallet the gas we shoud add is also very high. But in case of BTC it might turn out to be some value store asset, eth is more for various micro transactions/rewarding so fees should really be much lower. Is there any estimate date when those fees might change? Would it also implicate another ETH forks?

I agree with you, the way bitcoin is going, it will be only a store of value. The problem is, the real value will come if people can use the token for everyday use, that will be the intrinsic value. If bitcoin is just a store of value, its very likely it will fail.
About Ethereum, fees will change slowly with Proof of Stake, but for fees to go down, Ethereum needs to be mass adopted. Let's say transaction validators need a certain amount of funds every day to keep the system going, cover their costs and get a profit. The more transactions there are, they cheaper they can approve a transaction and still be profitable.

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