Now Offering Support To Renos Masternode Owners

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So many Renos developments, so little time…

It’s been a hectic past few weeks here at Renos, both publicly, and especially, behind the scenes. While news of some of our ongoing projects must wait, there’s one that we can share. This is just a quick note to let our community know that we’ve formed an alliance with

Wait, who/what is

Adam and SwissBoo over at offer a unique service. For a nominal fee, they can help anyone get their masternodes set up quickly, and securely, as they never have clients’ private keys under their control.

You can find Setupmasternodes at the following link:

Why should you care?

It’s a value add on for Renos, in a couple of ways. First, their team is ready to help anyone set up masternodes within the advertised 48 hour window. Let’s face it, masternode setup can be intimidating for a new user. If you’re having trouble and need a guiding hand, they are there. This frees up our own dev resources and all but guarantees there is someone to help those new to Renos masternodes, almost anytime of the day or night.

Secondly, our logo appears on their website, confirming they offer support of our project, and also presenting a networking opportunity in a group of other masternode coins. One click on our logo takes you to a summary of our project, a blockchain explorer and other features.

Hear that? That’s the sound of more awareness for our project!

What can you do?

Anytime you know of someone struggling with masternode setup, just tell them about this service. It’s a great way to offer value to their platform, while they offer technical assistance to ours.

Also, be sure to drop by their telegram group to say hi and also to talk masternodes with other enthusiasts:


For more on Renos, you can find our team and community at the following sites:

Renos is also available for purchase at the following exchanges:


Awesome, great to hear you're building out your network within the crypto sphere!!