Protecting Your Investment Through Community Involvement

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As an individual, you’ve probably already stepped into the seducing void of cryptocurrency. You know, the exciting, fast paced financial movement that feels like a rollercoaster ride at times, due to the wilds of its markets. But it’s an addictive experience to be had, bringing you back day in and day out.

So how do successful crypto traders protect their investments, while maintaining an edge in the crypto space? While we can’t give you financial guidance, we do hope to emphasize that if you want to survive and thrive, just remember that research and involvement are vastly superior to any gimmicks in this space. Knowledge is definitely the best way to secure your investments within the cryptocurrency community no matter what project you’re involved with.

Gaining that knowledge can be obtained via numerous options at your disposal. One major factor is to utilize your individual voice in any crypto related project that you take a position in. Remember most cryptocurrency projects are built on open source & open ended platforms, so there is a spot for every sort of talent imaginable. Not just through typing code but also by being a supportive community member; i.e. opinion sharing & helpful suggestions that help coders implement the people's’ desire into their blockchain of choice.

When it comes to blockchain technologies worldwide, it is more important now than ever to augment community trust. Open source projects should... and have always... believed in working with the community behind them, creating a perfect storm for advancements and change that their centralized counterparts lack.

Getting To Know Your Team

Another major consideration to seek when going into any blockchain based community is the multitude of voices working towards a common goal in unison. If you find that... you have more than likely found a gem worth diving a little deeper into researching. The key to advancing any project is to have an open minded team in touch with its community. In an open source project, this sort of relationship should be facilitated and embraced.

Another approach to ‘due diligence’ in cryptocurrency is researching the involvement of each individual associated with the project. Be sure to take the time needed to get to know the developers and hard working community members striving to achieve the community’s goals. Open communication should be available at your disposal.

A good way to for a team to reach their community is through transparency. The community’s plans for the future should be disclosed. While the opinions of all involved should be heard, the team should always be available if any support is needed by their community. Cryptocurrency can be a wild ride for all involved, both for the team and also individuals. At Renos, we feel the key is looking out for each other on both sides as a single unit, so that we can all move forward together.

Protecting Each Other

Let’s face it, the crypto sphere is a rocky and amazing place to reside. Here we see everything from stories of life changing moments to lows and losses. This is a place where transparency and communication will transform a community into a family. It’s about creation of change and individual financial empowerment. Starting and ending with the teams and individuals working hard to push the envelope of technological innovation.

At Renos, we know it takes a group effort to advance our goals forward. Our project strives to set the gold standard in community, where all participants stand beside each other. If you’re looking for a blockchain to call your own, require a team that takes the time to hang out with you and converse about the future of cryptocurrency, or if you’re simply curious about what we have to offer, our doors are open 24/7.

Join the Renos Community on Discord, where we are constantly creating long-lasting familial bonds:


Renos is also available for purchase at the following exchanges:

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hi @renoscoin

I just bumped into this post accidently. Well written and easy to read.

Indeed crypto is "it’s an addictive experience to be had"


We really appreciate you taking the time to read our post @crypto.piotr and we agree, crypto is so addictive lol. This project if head by real crypto enthusiasts and a strong community of them in support, so its a constant for us to do everything we can to push towards better improvements in the crypto space.

Thanks again for reading this, we should have more posts popping out soon so keep an eye out, your comments are always welcome


I love to see how responsive you are @renoscoin

big thx! :)

Anytime @crypto.piotr , we try to be as responsive as possible, sorry for the delay on this one though, those crazy markets had us very busy but thanks for the kind comment.

hi again @renoscoin

I hope busy is good for you :)

I've tried to find you on but I couldn't.

I've read most parts of your whitepaper and it really seem that your crypto is legitimate. I will definetly follow you here on steemit.

If you guys would ever think of expanding your team and would be looking for community manager or just a support with social media then we could try to work something out together.


Sorry again for the late response, its been crazy busy for us lately, lots of development ongoing right now...but this is a good thing.

At the moment we are being supported through SetupMasternodes but we probably will be getting in touch with many of the MN services out there.

My name that is righting you is Steve, I am on here as @sflaherty on Steemit and also our Discord. I am actually running the marketing here but as we grow here I am sure we could always use help, if you want pop into the Discord, look me up or any of the listed team members and I am sure there is always room for anyone chipping in.

We have a dynamic thats really community driven at Renos, will more so be as we develop ahead so its an open door policy with us.

These guys are really legitimate, I been in crypto a long time and marketed myself for a bunch of major coins, got very very picky with projects over the years but there is something fresh and unique about this team and what got me personally involved. Of course I am speaking personally and usually let the coin speak for itself but I do agree with you, there is a vibe about Renos that definitely aims for growing up in crypto in the right way, so many are in a rush on that but they seem to know to let nature take its course and let the development do more of the talking.

Feel free to reach me anytime, I am in the Discord night and day usually so always there @crypto.piotr

Hi @renoscoin

Im very sorry for such a delay with my replies but currently Ive been overwhelmed with amount of work that has been related to my latest contest. I never expected to receive such an amazing support.

Are you using email by any chance? Perhaps you could share your address or drop me a message: [email protected]

The thing is that Im not really using discord (since most of my collegues are living in very different time zones and I found it difficult to communicate using real-life chatting apps).

Hope to hear from you

Enjoy your weekend :)


Thanks for sharing!