How are my top 15 picks for April performing?

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It's my intent to keep things honest around here.

As I've said since the beginning, this is a work in progress. I'm hoping to add something of value to a crypto space that has taught me a great deal. So periodically, I'm going to check my work against how things actually bore out in the market.

A few weeks back, I ranked the top 15 coins with the most positive sentiment from the group of now 40 prominent crypto traders and influencers I'm monitoring.

The chart above and the data below show, as of this writing, how each of those coins have performed. It's encouraging, as all but one of the coins is up since the start of the month, and 11 of the 15 have gained more than 25% in value on the USD.

(I used USD because that's what CoinMarketCap has for historical data)

I'm not making much of this, because it's early and the market has been good to Alts overall. Still, I wanted to put it out there and state my intention to continue to do so periodically. Cheers!

See the full list below:

CoinPowerMarch CloseCurrent Price% ChangeApril high% Change

The Influencers


Who am I?

I'm an investigative data journalist during the day, and I've been looking for a way to cut through the noise and get a true sense of what some of the biggest crypto influencers are pushing toward and pulling away from.

Using a pseudonym here because I can't post about this shit on my verified accounts. I've become mildly obsessed with crypto and its constant stream of data and needed an outlet. So here I am.

What is this?

Each week, I scrape the Twitter accounts of some of the crypto world's favorite influencers, traders and TA folk. I run a basic sentiment analysis to see which coins they are mentioning positively, in a neutral way and which they are mentioning in a negative light.

I calculate "power" simply by subtracting negative mentions from positive ones to give an aggregate score. The higher the score, the better, the lower the worse. For the daily rankings, I also create aggregate scores for the majors and the Alt markets. The Alts get a 10 point deduction any time the majors go below zero, since overall the Alt-market has a tough time staying above water when BTC is in a spiral.

This isn't financial advice, just my own way of trying to make sense of what's out there. And as with most things, the more data I collect, hopefully, the more interesting it'll be. This is a work in progress. Please leave suggestions on how to make it better. I imagine if I keep up with it, I'll be able to expand a bunch of the analysis, but I wanted to start somewhere.

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