List with the best and most trusted cryptocurrency groups on Facebook

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Here is a list with in my opinion the best and most trusted cryptocurrency group's on Facebook!
This is a international list not categorized on country or subject.
I made the list based on my own experience with the groups and the quality of the posts.

SCM - Suppoman's Crypto Masterminds
Members: 12.773
Description:  A Cryptocurrency Group for Suppoman's students!

The Crypt0's News Group
Members: 21.576
Description: News and discussion group

Crypto Warriors
Members: 17.351
Description:  This page is for the beginner all the way to advanced bitcoin and other digital currency enthusiasts.

Altcoin Investing
Members:  6.490
Description:  Altcoins discussion group.

Cryptocurrency investing
Members:  12.689
Description:  This is a moderated group for cryptocurrency investing.

Cryptocurrency Investing
Members:  35.290
Description: News and discussion group

Cryptocurrency Collectors Club for Beginners
Members:  41.318
Description: News and discussion group for beginners

Crypto Hunt Group
Members: 4.763
Description:  This group is for LONG-TERM HOLDERS ONLY! If you are interested in day trading or pump/dump, then this group is not for you.


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