SBD/STEEM price update 06-Sep-18

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It's a bad morning for me and every crypto traders. The price is going so much down and down. I am crying. Cause all of my post reward going to down soon when the median price of steem reduces like the market price. But don't worry it happen for Bitcoin price. We know that every cryptos price related with bitcoin price. So we have to wait again and again for raising the price. Now I am going to share the cryptos price chart.

Look at the chart. Almost every cryptos price going down and down. Specially look at the graphs. Bitcoin price decreasing 12% in last 24 hours. In my last price update post that was 7281$ but now it is 6438$ my last post was given 2 days ago check that post :

Now see the SBD and STEEM price.


Like other cryptos SBD price also down. Last 24 hours it down 7.2%.


Thats it.... Al the price list from Coingecko. If you wanna see full chart just go there:

Thanks for reading this post.


I think this is normal after such a strong bull run @razu788 - I traded penny stocks in my late teens and it was a lot like this.

I expect Steem and Bitcoin to trend sideways or lower for the next couple months, and then I am planning to invest in Steem starting at $0.20 (if it ever goes that low).

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