Cryptocurrency's price update 23-Sep-2018

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Hey guys whats up? How are you all. I am fine by the grace of Allah. I was busy in Pubg game. Thats why I didn't post here many days. But now I think I should post here.

If you are also pubg moblie gamer then just add me. I have two id find me use that two username below:

  • razu788
  • razu35

Okey now let's talk about cryptocurrency price. Last 3-4 days cryptos price are raising. I know everyone is happy now
Cause cryptos price are reaching high again. Let me show the price list-


See this list guys. Amazing. Green sign everywhere. Specially see the price chart.


This is steem price. It also green.

Its sbd price. Just see the price. Though its red. But don't worry. It will raise again.


steem price pridection is 10$ in 2020 what are you thinking about this

Yeah that will be happen. Just wait...

I hope the price will continue rising for some days.

r kono kicu valo lage na

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