Zero Ex 0x (ZRX) Crowdsale Worked

in cryptocurrency •  last year

I bought 1 ETH worth of ZRX tokens this morning. I experienced some glitches during the process such as getting kicked out just after I entered the amount. The website kept giving me the message that an unexpected error occurred and that I should try refreshing my browser. Eventually, I was able to see my order beneath the ghost of the error message and I was able to complete the purchase. But, it worked and I'm happy. I have my 5,906.975 tokens.

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I had something similar but I think it was with Metamask and not the actual system. But still unclear... and trying to figure out how to use it or extract the tokens and keep them somewhere like MEW or take them offline on my Ledger. Let me know if you have an ideas or if you managed to exchange or hold them somewhere else. or if you could point me in the right direction I'd appreciate it. Thanks