The Turnover Rate of stable currency PAX exceeded 100% in a week

RatingToken monitors that there are four main stable currencies on Ethereum: USDC, TUSD, PAX and GUSD. The issue number of USDC reached 212,532,489, GUSD was 86,718,765. By analyzing the PAX turnover rate in the past 7 days, we found that the PAX with the highest turnover rate reached 138.42%, and the TUSD with the lowest turnover rate was 31.66%.
The turnover rate formula:the total amount of 7-day chain transfer divide by the current total amount.
We can see that there are big differences on turnover rate between each stable currency according to the data. It is related with the different design mechanisms of each stable currency and the number of exchanges supporting each stable currency.
At the same time, the smart contract vulnerability detection system independently developed by the Cheetah Blockchain Security Center analyzed the above five project smart contracts. The smart contract scores were USDC 4.07, TUSD 2.99, PAX 4.07 and GUSD 3.38 respectively.

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