The Facebook active index of projects with $5 million value slipped down 81.41%

RatingToken shows that there are currently 334 projects with a market capitalization of more than US$5 million (excluding US$5 million). The activity index of community decreased by 36.52% compared with last month. The active index of Twitter decreased by 27.94%, and the active index of Facebook decreased by 81.41%.

The top 3 decreasing projects in Twitter is AMO Coin (-96.85%), Siacoin (-90.82%) and Santiment (-86.9%). The top 3 decreasing projects in Facebook is AMO Coin (-95.58%), Crypterium (-49.18%) and Verge (-49.01%). RatingToken pointed out that community activity index continued to decline may relate to the recent decline in cryptocurrency market which caused investor’s negative sentiment. Some investors have stopped holding projects gradually according to the decreasing holders last month.

Score on RatingToken for these projects: AMO Coin (3.1), Siacoin, 3.9), Santiment (3.4), Crypterium (3.0) and Verge (4.1). The score is based on a combination of factors such as project technical strength, team strength and community activity.

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