RatingToken Sorts Out Token Projects With Professional Ratings

Venture capital, pyramid schemes, market manipulation, scams, and frauds rocked 2017, a tumultuous year for the various blockchain projects. What was once a fintech experiment has now become a global rush to get rich, with new rules in place.
Many financial scams today still pose as blockchain projects, and mom-and-pop investors are the ones who lose out in this wealth race.
To determine the legitimacy and worth of a blockchain project, RatingToken generates an objective assessment of each project through technical indicators analyzed by its team of specialists.
About RatingToken
Backed by its technical prowess, RatingToken analyzes mountains of data, all while keeping a real-time watch on tokens. This fosters the development of the blockchain industry and ecosystem, and provides experts in the sector with true and professional evaluations of projects.
The following features are currently available from RatingToken:

  1. Smart contract safety scanning, and rankings of the best projects, airdrops, top risky projects, etc., help investors make better decisions, and meet investment needs.
  2. Smart contract code audit, hype monitoring, funds monitoring, wallet security, and public chain security services, providing business users with technological and data support.
    Spotlight on key feature: smart contract audit
    New contract addresses added to the Ethereum public chain are automatically scanned by RatingToken along with broadcasts of risk warnings every day. Any high-risk contract is promptly added to the manual audit workflow.
    The five aspects of spillover risk analysis, external call analysis, sensitive behavior analysis, code abnormality analysis, and business logic analysis are audited. For enterprise users, the business logic analysis includes a security component review, which provides expert recommendations on the security of the current code.
    Smart contract projects audited:
    RatingToken's automated scanning platform has audited 84,210 smart contracts since January 2018. Smart contracts are rated for safety based on the RatingToken scoring model.
    (1) Score distribution of contracts

The contracts were classified into five categories depending on their score: high quality, moderately good, has certain security risks, has considerable security risks, and poor quality. 13.5% of the contracts were of high quality (with no vulnerabilities found), 30.53% were moderately good contracts (with no high-risk or concentrated medium-risk vulnerabilities), 33% of the contracts had certain security risks, 19% had considerable security risks, and 4% were poor-quality contracts.
(2) Inspection of risk

The results of the inspection showed that 3.4% of the total number of contracts were highly risky contracts with integer underflows. The top three contract vulnerabilities were as follows: calls external method, return value uninspected (33.8%); abnormality exists (17.1%); integer overflow (15.8%).
Why choose RatingToken?
Among the team at RatingToken, 90% of us have backgrounds in big data technologies and natural language analysis. Through our neutral, objective assessments of projects updated automatically every day, we hope to promote a better token community and discourage paid ratings.
Our smart contract scanner can be used to mitigate deficiencies in projects. Such inspection of projects is even more essential for ordinary mom-and-pop investors to understand their current or future investments.

RatingToken: https://ratingtoken.net/?from=steemit
Twitter: https://twitter.com/RatingToken_io
Telegram: https://t.co/ZwGwb1vW7r

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