RatingToken| The contract of Ethereum Capital Token (ECT) which absorbed nearly 2000 ETH is extremely risky

According to RatingToken, the ECT contract started trading 40 hours ago. At present, the total number of transactions exceeds 659, the total contract inflow exceeds 1968 ETH, the total participating address is 165, and the single address participation is up to 142.4 ETH. The contract balance is 1940 ETH.
The ECT official website claims that ECT is a cryptocurrency game that shows the flow mechanism of the cryptocurrency market, but ECT is another variant of POWH3D. The recommendation mechanism and exit mechanism of ECT is more complicated, the recommendation mechanism is divided into 5 layers, and the recommendation fee for each layer is associated with the ETH that the recommended address invested in the ECT contract. At least 0.25 ETH is required to obtain the recommended qualification. Throw 30 ETH will receive the maximum recommended fee.
For the design of exit mechanism, it will charge different fees according to the time of selling ECT. The first 6 days will be charged 30%, and then decrease progressively 1% daily, stop decreasing until it reaches 6%. RatingToken believes that there will be variants of POWH3D packaged in a variety of different terms, while it comes to a very high risk of fraud Essentially. The development team is the only certain one to benefit from it.
Find more info about ECT contract from RatingToken: https://www.ratingtoken.net/?from=steemit

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