Sobit – Blockchain based User-Owned Exchange


Sobit is a blockchain based project which is aiming to develop a digital asset trading platform. This trading platform is user centric which ensures that the user will create a value and will all reap all the benefits of this decentralized platform. SBT which is Sobit token will be used in this ecosystem.

Core System:

The core system of Sobit will consist of the following elements:

Shareholding Plus Community Autonomy:

The platform gives quasi-equity rights to the users who will hold a number of SBT tokens. Quasi Equity means where a debt has some traits of equity or in other words it is a non-legal equity. The quasi-equity rights include receiving dividends, voting rights, right to know etc.

• Dividend: If a user holds a certain amount of SBT which accounts for 1% value of total circulation then the user will get 1% dividend on the amount of profit made. For example, on a profit of 100 BTC the user will receive 1 BTC.
• Rights and Obligations: The users will get access to the quasi-equity rights depending upon the amount of SBT he/she holds. If the user holds SBT less than 1000 then he can not have access to any rights. If the hold tokens are more than 1,000 and less than 20,000 then the user will get dividend from the platform. The users who hold 20,000+ SBT will enjoy all the quasi-equity rights on the platform.
• Community Autonomy: The platform will develop a reward system where the users, team and developers will be rewarded for contributing on the platform and helping the platform develop.

Trans-Fee Mining:

Sobit exchange platform as adopted a different method of charging transactional fees which is trans-fee mining. In this method the user when pays the transaction fee, gets back the fee amount in the form of platform specific tokens. In Sobit, 80% of the transaction will be reimbursed to the users in the form of SBT. The amount of Trans-fee mining will be reduced based on the total amount of circulating supply.


Hong Dong – CEO
He is a Senior product expert and also has good experience in product design.

Lancelot - COO
Intellectual, almost have read all the books. His meetings are always full of new knowledge and fun. He is the guarantee for the success of the team.

Adam – CTO
This mad programmer is obsessed with the efficiency of program under extreme conditions.

Silvia – Investor relation
She is very well versed in Finance and also has good experience in this field.

Token Matrix:

Token – SBT
Total Supply – 10 Billion SBT
Price – 0.00025 ETH
Soft Cap – $1M USD
Hard Cap – $5M USD


• The project has good social media reach on Telegram as it has around 7,000+ members.
• The project has low hype on other social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook where it has around 3,000+ followers.
• The whitepaper of this project does not consist of detailed information about the project.
• There is not much information given about the background and expertise of the team members.
• The MVP for this project is currently not available.
• The information about the partnership of the project is not yet available on the website.


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