Giving perspective on cryptocurrency prices and decentralisation.

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It's not about bitcoin or ethereum maximalists. It's not about greed, bets, bots or the news. There is no competition here. If you are invested, and you should be. For the simple reason that you believe in decentralisation, ideas and technologies behind the various funds in your accounts.
A decentralised currency is a great idea: bitcoin/ether.
Decentralised storage is also great: siacoin.
Decentralised news and social interaction that has not been bought and paid for by corporations or interests is freedom of speech and thought: steem.
Distributed computing, a.i., rendering and modelling are good ideas: golem.
A better interface for ethereum will be needed for mass adoption: status.
Decentralisation of energy: tesla-gigafactory (not blockchain but just as real)
I could go on: melon, gnosis, stratis and so many others I don't even know.
If you're reading this today, irrespective of the price you paid for your investments you're in nice and EARLY and you will profit in the long term, monetarily, socially and in your basic freedoms.
Prices will go up and prices will go down but if you zoom out on your graphs you will feel better.
Today is a good day to buy, in fact this entire month will be, as each platform scales and grows and as the changes come whether they are uasf, bipxxx, ice age or Casper.
Don't believe the news, go read technical articles from the developers. Go read white papers.
Educate yourself. Don't drive your fiat off a cliff, park it where you're beliefs lie and you will be rewarded.
Don't listen to the media or idiots moaning about the price or ico's cashing out or any other crap that is paraded in your face to scare you.
Understand that people invested to make money short term will sell short. People invested before you and I will pay off their mortgage. The average brainwashed media junkie will sell out of fear. Today's price is just that. Today's price.
Tomorrow will be a brighter day if we keep working and investing in a future that empowers us all.
All the big boys will try to scare us and take us down with every opportunity we give them because in reality they are afraid. We are pulling the rug from under their feet and tipping the balance of power.
Know why you are here.
Know where you are investing and why.
Give yourself room to manoeuvre.
Learn from your mistakes.
Be confident and secure of your position in a future where even you have a say.
And when tomorrow comes and the fiat's have run out of gas we can all share pics of our latest top-end Teslas, cause lambos will be history.
Stay Savvy.


Nice article about the gargantuan project in Australia. Relevant to how gigafactory cells can help decentralise power grids when used at the homeowner scale in conjunction with solar city roof tiles.

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