Vote for NIO to get listed on ETHfinex!

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As you might have noticed by now, NIO has been hand-picked, along with 13 other projects, by ETHFINEX for their community vote. It’s been amazing to see the level of engagement and commitment that the announcement sparked across our community.

Since Autonio was always considered a community driven project, and it’s clear that you all are ready to do a lot to achieve the listing by vote, we decided as a team to help achieve the best result possible.

We believe that with your help it is possible Autonio could match the sums of the last vote, making us competitive to place in the final three, and winning a potential listing at Ethfinex. However, the support of the community will be crucial in making this happen. Hence, we're offering a full refund in NIO for votes cast using EVT.

Community members have already expressed their willingness to contribute Ethfinex voting tokens (EVT) for the listing vote. Autonio has set up a tiered bounty system to help get the community involved in the listing. Users will need to vote within this voting period and save their transaction IDs to be eligible.

The Ethfinex listing vote can be accessed here . Based on the previous round of voting results, about $100k USD in Ethfinex voting tokens was needed to place in the final three candidates selected for listing. Aside from this, no additional fees or costs will be required for the listing.

Users must first purchase Ethfinex Voting Tokens (EVT) or have received them from a prior Ethfinex airdrop to participate. EVT tokens can only be used during the two-week period of the vote and must be purchased from the Ethfinex exchange The voting ends on August 21th. More information about setting up an Ethfinex account or purchasing EVT tokens for the listing vote can be found below.

Please ensure that you follow Ethfinex’s voting procedures and all the relevant laws and regulations of your residing country when voting for Autonio to be listed on Ethfinex. More information on Ethfinex token listing policies can be found here.

For more information please visit our website at

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Thank you for your support

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Hey NIO holders this will be a good development for #NIO tokens. So let's support this whole heartedly. ✌️

Supporting the cause with my upvote. Good luck :)

If only I had EVT tokens :(

Good Luck @rahemanali

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Best of Luck @rahemanali

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