QUOINE’s ICO platform makes life easier for token issuers

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QUOINE’s ICO Mission Control platform makes it easy to host an ICO. Most of the tokens we list on our our exchanges did their ICOs before our platform launched. We previously spoke to the teams from some of the tokens listed on our exchange to ask them about their ICO process, the issues they had and how our new platform could have helped them with their token sales. Here we can share more insights from our friends across the crypto space.


Dave Taylor, Head of Communications for Proxeus (XES), told us that they had to piece together a lot of elements from different sources, many of these elements or products still being in the experimental stage.

“We got approached by a lot of people in the process ready to take a lot of money from us, but very few of them had real expertise and were able to help. At the end we had to do practically everything ourselves” he said.

If the Proxeus team had been able to use ICO Mission Control it would have made their life much easier by defining a clear path. QUOINE can save token issuers time and money by having easy access to standardised tools and processes, he added.

QUOINE’s ICO Mission Control would have helped massively in terms of structure. QUOINE would have been able to provide expert guidance to the Proxeus team. We already know what is required to host a great ICO, and we can offer everything needed.


We heard from the Adhive Co-founder Alexandr Kuzmin about their experiences — along with a great metaphor for their ICO: “It was like a huge spaceship travelling through space at the speed close to the speed of light. The most difficult part was to constantly coordinate and adjust the course of this rocket in a rapidly changing cryptosphere.”

Adhive told us that the slightest flaw in anything to do with the ICO process could have led to the collapse of the whole project. The large comprehensive team of professionals, along with their faith, helped them succeed. But using ICO Mission Control would have allowed the team to concentrate more on the final product and business development.

Let QUOINE handle the tricky stuff, so the team can focus on progression.


We also talked to Renuka Rathode, project strategist for Zebi. The Zebi team found the ICO process to be a massive exercise. The entire team was working overtime to handle multiple challenges at a time, as everything was relatively new for them. There was a steep learning curve, and it took lots of time and effort to be able to deliver without any issues.

“If ICO Mission Control had been available for us to use, it would have managed a lot of things which would have freed up lots of time for the team, and enable us to focus on things which are strategically important without stretching their bandwidth too far,” he said.

QUONE’s ICO platform would have taken stress off the team and stopped them from stretching their bandwidth too far.


All these teams agree that QUOINE’s ICO Mission Control could have saved them substantial time and effort, allowing their teams to focus on more important matters. Using ICO Mission Control puts the whole token sale process into our hands at QUOINE. Let us do the hard work for you. We can take care of the token sale and then get you listed on our exchange. Win-win.

We take everything we learnt from the QASH ICO, and the experiences of our partners, to provide the best ICO platform possible.

If you’re looking to do an ICO, contact us: [email protected] or go to our FAQ to find out more.

We’re here to make life easier.

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