Mike’s message to QUOINE community (July 28th, 2018)


Good morning.

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

This was a big week for QUOINE as we submitted our improvement plan to the Japan FSA on Monday 23rd July.

Going forward, we will be giving a monthly update to the JFSA on our progress. These improvements will bring best practices globally, which will ultimately benefit our customers. And, this is not unique to Japan as many governments will start implementing similar regulations in the not too distant future.

Now, following up on our Mission / Vision / Values from last week, I want to talk about our values.

“Values” is what we stand for.

Our Values

1. Customer Centric — Obsessed with our customers

As a startup that needs to compete in a highly regulated financial industry, it is most important that we put our customers at our center. Customers are our greatest source of learning and we must be obsessed with our customers.

2. Innovative — Disruptive products and services our customers love

We always need to be innovative and disruptive. If you are not the leader, you will just be a follower.
The financial industry is ripe for disruption, and if we are not the Disruptors, we will be disrupted. Companies don’t innovate, people do.

3. Action — Not afraid to fail and constantly moving forward

Doing nothing is the ultimate failure.

It is ok to fail as it will bring success sooner. You only need to be right once. So we need to quit talking and start doing.

4. Compliantly Bold — Play by the rules, but push the boundaries

We will always comply and work with regulators. This is necessary to protect our customers. However, if we are not pushing the boundaries, then innovation will not happen.
Successful entrepreneurs are ready to test the boundaries.

5. Passionate — In everything we do

Startup is not a profession. It is a lifestyle.
It is not a 9 to 5 job. You have to love what you do to be successful, especially in a fast moving industry such as crypto / blockchain. We need people who are smart but more importantly passionate.

6. United — Mindful, selfless, and collaborative

Even if you are a Rock star or a great developer, if you can not make people around you better, you are working at the wrong place. We are one team with one Mission.

7. Transparent — Honest, upfront and open communication

Everything we do needs to be Transparent. Both internally and externally.
The crypto world is still the Wild Wild West but the honest and transparent providers will win.

8. Impactful — Create value for our shareholders, customers and society

As with any company, we have shareholders who provided us with capital. We also have token holders and customers.
By creating value to all stakeholders, we will ultimately have profound societal impact.

This wraps up our core Mission, Vision, and Values.

Finally, I’m posting a link from our weekly Roundup by Tammy Ha!!

Please have a wonderful weekend.

Mike K

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