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RE: 🚀 SteemMonsters Statistics & Big Datas 🚀

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I'm lovin' Steemmonsters and play nearly every day. I was surprised to see TWO rules when I achieved gold level. As if ONE rule was not enough for me to comprehend in less than two minutes.

You are correct. The global stock and bond markets do not matter. When I check SM markets, I'm always happily surprised.

I want to either join a guild or create a guild. I nearly have the DEC to create, but I do not know where to find the procedures other than the 'Create" button. What happens after creating?

I join you in congratulating the developers.


Thank you for sharing your passion for the game and your commitment.
Indeed, it become more tricky but in the end it means more combinations of cards, therefore more strategy and a need of more cards which is great for ALL of us with cards :D