I Am Speaking To Hundreds At Medicine For The People Festival On The Wold Shifting Potential of The Blockchain/Crypto Tech

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Its here and the ripple of the blockchain/crypto tech is being brought into almost every facet of life and its only just begun!

This is the most disruptive development to the centralized control paradigms in a very long time if not in history.

I have been in full embrace of the crypto/blockchain potential ever since I found out about it 2 years ago and I see it as the future of the free world. Even though it has only just begun it has already changed the world and the effects are only just being seen yet are far more impactful than most realize.

This is one of the reasons that I have begun speaking mostly about blockchain/crypto with everyone and everywhere. I have given 5 presentations in the last 3 weeks and am now here at Medicine For The People to talking to hundreds of people about this cutting edge space.

While most here know very little about it, its a group of open minded people who have been looking for solutions for a higher quality of life through the festival scene. Because they are open minded, and living by ideals of honesty, responsibility, freedom and the good of all it resonates with the crowd quickly even though the technicalities are way above most peoples heads.

I have an ability to communicate vast and complex topics in practical, simple and understandable ways. I am on a mission to educate as many people as possible about the blockchain/crypto space as I see it as the future of the abundant free world.

To me education is most important because it allows people to move from dependency to self reliance. There are many topics of importance that I educate on but this is one of the most important for sure.

Now is the time to get in on it and there are ways almost everyone can begin incorporating this into their lives.

The STEEM blockchain is one of the best ways that I have ever seen to be a practical and USEFUL way to get into the crypto space. Not only can you make crypto just by doing what almost everyone already does (use social media) but because the community is based on the blockchain almost everyone here has at least a basic understanding and there are many who are experts/professionals in this scene.

So not only can you learn about crypto/blochckain for free but you can also actually earn cryptos while doing it!

I post ALL my content to FB Twitter and various other online portals to educate and on board as many people as possible. I am also now speaking at many events with hundreds of people who don't know much about it and educating them on the potential.

I also just created the first level in my Steem Powered Success Series of which is designed to on board and quickly inform people on how to utilize blockchain/crypto tech specifically STEEM!

I will also be speaking at the Steem Creators Conference in Las Vegas this coming April 13-15th. I highly recommend it regardless of if you are not on STEEM or full invested! Check out this post for all the details.

These are exciting times and not only am I investing in and integrating the Blockchain/Crypto tech into my life in as many ways as possible but also trying to help people get in on it as soon as possible!

I encourage all you to do the same. Together we can create the world we actually want to live in rather than settle/compromise.

I am now doing 50/50 payout posts simply because the SBD is high at the moment, but I will be converting it all to $teem to continue my perfect record of cashing out ZERO $teem nor ever powering down, thus powering up!

I appreciate your support and am grateful to be here in the SteemVortex. I welcome any feedback you have and if you feel I am valuable to this community please share an upvote!



Right on! That's great. My only "critique" if you will is making sure newbs know how to avoid scams they are worse now ever.

True, unfortunately there are so many scams and always a new one. Make a tutorial on it and I will use it and give you something for it.

You re so awesome, you re just amazing hearing what exploit you re doing. And bringing life changing information to people around you and abroad, this so cool. Am proud of people like you, and all i could do now is to wish you a better heights ahead.

I love how you are always taking the cutting edge possibilities to the people. You indeed have a way with communication that makes things simple. I feel this will be the beginning of your role/roll in expanding these realities -- oh so much more to come. Keep the goodness coming, @quinneaker!

Making the most of life!

A primo example---thank you for that! <3

awesome!~ glad to hear you'll be spreading the word at this festival! i bet there will be a lot of receptive people there :) great job!

You're a hero.

Lots of people need to know about this awesome opportunity.

Cheers @quinneaker.

God bless you

I am here to inspire and educate people to higher qualities of life~*~

@quinneaker, from the depths of my heart, this is me @fada.emma applying to be your mentee.

I want to be part of the immeasurable sustainability and humanitarian program you're doing for the world 🌍. I really wish to be able to do my part to help better the world.

That's a great news about crypto...Thanks for sharing...

You are bring a new dawn to the world of crypto. Continue with the gospel.

who r u/....u look like


this great information i appreciate your crytocrrency news thanks for sharing the busy

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What you're doing is really important right now. I am new to crypto and Steemit and I'm in education mode.

To me education is most important because it allows people to move from dependency to self reliance. There are many topics of importance that I educate on but this is one of the most important for sure.

I highly believe this is a case of realization around the power of self reliance. I'm learning more and more of the control we all really have to take our lives into our own hands towards freedom.

Thanks for what you do.

Excellent - great to see what you are doing to help people get on board and change their lives.