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KoCurrency - good or bad idea or simply scam?

in cryptocurrency •  2 years ago 

Well it sounds all fine and dandy if you are taking a break and feel like betting on bearish or bullish for a particular coin. I have 1000 Intelligence that they gave me obviously when I joined months ago. So I tried to bet 400 Intelligence in the ETH channel and I get "You don't have sufficient balance to perform this action." Well shucks! Last time I counted, 400 is less than 1000.

In addition it doesn't even appear the developers/owners are engaged on the platform any longer. The 60cents per coin for the ICO has a 1.5% completion rate since june2017. That equals to a neglected platform and a neglected ICO.

I saw this bitcointalk post dated 04October2017 (4 months ago) by a member.

"Whether you say marketing is active or not, the fact remains you don't allow token withdrawal off your platform and it has been this way since the start and after months you still are only 1.5% into the initial token injection according to your website. Keep all the money hostage and market for more is a strategy I'm not keen to nor should anyone be. I suggest your next move to be allowing withdrawal of tokens to wallets/exchanges or refund all the users who paid to join and help grow the platform and make predictions but even if you go nostradamus mode, you can't cash out. If you don't do this soon, consequences are sure to follow"

There is nothing being posted by the developers/owners. INACTIVE!

I say #SCAM


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Yeah this is exactly what happened to me. I didn't know any better at the time but at least I learned something lol.