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Since my post yesterday about buying XIOS, I've gone and bought quite a bit more, almost enough to run a masternode. I've also got 1 small reward so far of 0.333 XIOS from what I had just in my wallet yesterday.
The next staking reward will be much larger (because there's much more coins) and is due in an estimated 21 hours. On top of the staking reward there will also be rewards for confirming transactions which (I think) will be higher than the staking rewards as the network gets busier.

Lightning fast!

The main thing that comes to mind to tell Steemians about is the breathtaking speed of the transactions. It cannot be overstated how fast this coin is. The very second I press withdraw on the exchange I'm buying XIOS from, I get a notification in my wallet of the transaction. I mean this literally, it's within a small fraction of a second. It's crazy, how can it be this fast? Maybe this will slow down with more transactions on the blockchain, I don't know, but for now it really is impressive. It takes another few seconds for confirmations to come in and the coins are good to go. It has a 40mb block size which I presume helps it be so quick.

Passive income

I like the idea of just getting a masternode for 1000 XIOS, I would have had one earlier today if it wasn't for Bittrex withdrawal limits stopping me from sending BTC to Coinsmarkets.com. I've been interested in doing this with other coins, but they were priced beyond my reach. But at 20-something-cents per coin it's not a big deal. It was less of a big deal yesterday when XIOS was half the price but I only need 115 more coins and hopefully there will be more dips. It's as much geekiness as it is wanting a passive income. It's not totally passive though, because I'll still need to figure out how to set one up, thankfully though it can all be done within the windows wallet and there's helpful walkthroughs posted online.

Privacy features : Darksend

As of now I've still yet to use this, because I've only been receiving coins so far. From what I can gather there's a built in coin mixer in the wallet labelled "Dark send".

Other notes

  • There will only ever be 21 million coins (just like BTC).

  • The coin is on one exchange ( coinsmarkets.com ) and will be added to Yobit within the next couple of days.

  • It is both proof-of-work and proof-of-stake, but I gather it's much harder now to mine. There was no pre-mine, mining was done by the community, it's only a few days old so it won't make much sense to mine any longer. Proof-of-stake is for now by far the most profitable way to mint coins.

"RoapMap coming soon, xios offers affordable masternodes, privacy, 6% staking, and 40mb block sizes for exceptionally fast confirmations. :-)" - the dev.


Hi just looking at this coin today. I believe like you said you only need 1000 for a master node?? Seems too cheap at current rates $660USD?? Also is the a wallet for Mac and can you set up a master node on Mac?
Lastly, who is the team behind Xios??
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You can have mac wallet, I think the masternode might be for just win/linux. I'm not sure though, I never set up a masternode and today the coin jumped to like 5 times what I paid for it, so I sold 500 coins so that I got back my initial investment (and more) so now I'm left with 500 XIOS, at least until another dip when I can buy back in . Edit- Just bought back in, now I have 1000 free coins, time to have another go at a masternode ;)

I wish, I started to mine when the party started (between block 1 - 1440)

I'm waiting to staking for 2 days :/

I've had some rewards, you need a lot of coins for staking to be worthwhile. That being said, if the value of the coin increases a lot in the future then even staking with what's a low amount at the moment would be pretty good profits.

what are the masternodes paying out for this coin? do you know

Seen different reports, 5-8 per day per node.

coins per day right?

XIOS is now listed on masternodes.pro, its very cheap to set up a XIOS masternode, only about $400, but the rewards are extremely low as well, about $4/day. As a percentage that's pretty good returns though, but you'd need to set up a lot of them - a single $5/mo linode vps should handle at least 10 nodes.

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