What are the best Cryptocurrencies to invest in?

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Which Cryptocurrency to invest in?

Blockchain technology is spreading rapidly and changing the world forever. We are still in the infancy of Cryptocurrencies. Getting in at this stage could be life changing! Investing in Cryptocurrencies is going to make an astonishing amount of people rich! The one issue is that there are a lot of choices. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Dash, the list seems to never end. You probably trying to find which Cryptocurrency to invest in. There are a ton of choices and I’m going to tell you which ones are the best.

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Your post up is impressive. Followed @purpleblob

My suggestion is to go for an altcoin which will rise from the ground and give heads up to bitcoin, like omisego and BAT.
Good Luck.
Nice read though.

i been trying a few alt coins and huge gains on them just the exit has been difficult due to liquidity

What about ripple and steem ? Cheers 🍻