LeagueCoin the first project based on the MOBA game[ENG]

in cryptocurrency •  last year  (edited)

Today i would like present new LeagueCoin Gold(LCG) project.

LeagueCoin Gold is a starting project, based on the MOBA game. The idea of this project is reward playera who cooperate with each other.

The player receives his reward after the match.
The amount of the prize depends on the winning or losing match.
The winning team receives 100℅ won during the match gold, the team lost 10℅. The earned gold Has been exchanged for LCG.

A part of the LCG award will be sent to the official project account. All events related to the development of the project, eg tournaments and prizes for participants, will be organized from the project funds.

The whole project is more extensive, but at the moment these are only plans that you will learn about in subsequent posts.

Regards LeagueCoin Gold Team

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Do you want to see the programming of the project? I invite you @gotsummerpl