Top 1000 Cryptocurrencies Daily Predictions August 16th, 2018

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Hello Steemians!

We make daily predictions for cryptocurrencies three times a day (5h, 12h and 24h from start 11:00AM EST) for the top 1,000 cryptocurrencies by USD total Market Cap Ranking (according to, referred to as "CMC"). We also post these same predictions but using an AI predictive model. Be sure to use the charts on the website to be able to view the complete predictions.




11:00AM ---> Predictions for a period ending at 4:00PM are made* (5h time frame from start)
4:00PM ---> Predictions for a period ending at 11:00PM are made* (12h time frame from start)
11:00PM ---> Predictions for a period ending at 11:00AM are made* (24h time frame from start)
*please allow for up to 2 hours for the predictions to be posted

PREDICTIONS FOR 8/16/18 FROM 11:00AM-4:00PM (CMC Rank 11-25): (click here for full predictions)

By interacting with the charts and hovering over a specific coin, you can also view the % predicted chance of a positive increase in relative USD price during the time period. This is calculated independently by a different model than the % USD change predictions.

PREDICTIONS FOR 8/16/18 FROM 4:00PM-11:00PM (CMC Rank 26-50):

PREDICTIONS FOR 8/16/18 FROM 11:00PM-11:00AM (CMC Rank 51-100):

Find out more about the dataset

Look at historical accuracy

This initiative is not intended as investment advice, this is for research and educational purposes only. PredictCrypto is not responsible for any losses from trades using this information, read our disclaimer here.



i do think adbank and steem wil explode in the near future bro

Really? It will happen?

I hope mate

This is just a prediction and we really dont know what can happen.

I have invest in leo coin. it is 225 number on coin cap market. whats ur prediction about leo coin??

To see our predictions for leo coin, go here for the latest predictions. From there, go to the top right side of the first chart where it says "Rank by MarketCap" and select the bubble that says "151-250" (or 251-400 if it drops in rankings). Now you will have leo coin on the chart. you can also search for the symbol directly by going to the filter at the bottom. If you are confused on how to use these charts, you can e-mail us at [email protected] and we can send you more detailed instructions. We are also working on a guide that we will post to STEEM on how to use these predictions, as well as the Research Center

Interesting, for a more complete analysis you should give more info about your model

Thanks for the feedback, that is a great idea! We will add a note on this in our template and work on a longer post regarding the analysis. For now, you can visualize some of the relationships we have found here

Until a major ETF gets approved, the market cap will not explode....but when it does....the Bulls will follow!!!

How is your success rate in these predictions?

Steem will certainly explode soon because of it high demand.

Cryptos are not all in life.

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Very interesting, how do you make the analysis? Look into a crystal ball?

Yup! Luckily, we also offer tools to do your own research

We will add more information on how we make our analysis for the future, but basically this post shows the predictions from a mix of several different predictive models across a couple different languages, while the other daily post that we make with the AI predictions uses Google's TensorFlow.

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