TONE VAYS ANALYSIS: BTC $1,300-$5,000, Then $20,000 On NEW BULL MARKET!

in cryptocurrency •  5 months ago

Tone Vays is with us to share his opinions and well proven expertise on Bitcoin’s current price trajectory and the cryptocurrency markets.
With experience on Wall St, Tone gives us an insider look and analyses the state of the stock market and the Euro.


01:40 Has the Cryptocurrency market bottomed out?
07:10 Speculation Vs Intrinsic Valuation
12:10 Fiat currency sustainability and stock market bull signs
20:25 Is Wall Street as fraudulent as people believe?
28:50 Timeline on the national and federal debt implosion
31:35 Government elimination of cash
36:10 Where to find Tone’s daily videos, trading workshop

Released on 2018-06-25

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Great sir ... Always continue like this!

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The Wall Street sent him into the crypto space,.... so he can spread the FUD, and bring the bad news, pessimistic prognoses etc....

JUST JOKING - I do follow Tone V. too, but overall I don't trust 100% TA, when it comes to crypto, as this is a very very new assets class, which involves people globally!

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You're doing great i
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