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MyWish Smart Contract company goes global to bring awareness to Smart Contracts, which can be easily used by anyone who wants to implement them in daily life. Their Smart Contract platform makes it possible for everyone who isn’t sure about their programming skills to create a Smart Contract. You might have your own business and need to find a secure way to make cryptocurrency transactions or maybe you’re just a regular person who is really into crypto. Either way, MyWish doesn’t test your programming potential, but invites you to use the MyWish Smart Contract Platform.

Now they are searching for daydreamers, obsessed with the idea of a secure cryptoworld, who will grow with them. The MyWish company is in search of talented ambassadors in different countries. They need you in your small town or a big city.

MyWish information:

MyWish — a platform that allows smart contract creation similar to Token, Crowdsale, Lost Key, Deferred, Will contracts without any programming skills.

MyWish — a professional and experienced team that develops individual smart contracts. The team can not only develop and test smart contracts, but also audit smart contracts made by 3rd parties and find and explain mistakes.

That means the ambassador promotes in 3 ways:

  • template smart contract creation
  • individual smart contract creation
  • smart contract audit

Client attraction activity:

  • crypto-event attendance (conferences), communicating with other visitors, promotion of MyWish, sharing the contacts
    visiting relevant meet-ups
  • contacting bloggers, magazines and other PR spheres at the current ambassador country
  • local company research (that work with cryptocurrency), making first contact, arrangement of Skype calls with the MyWish Management Team
  • translation into the local language of sites and other services


  • сommunication and coordination with the team: you will be the first to receive news, technical materials and exclusive content
  • a personal competitive compensation plan
  • an opportunity to become a part of the team and cover any other ambassador position in the future
  • website photo (optional) as a member of our support team

Requirements for candidates:

  • 1,000 WISH at least at the wallet as a guarantee to MyWish’s developing interest
  • communicative skills
  • desire and opportunity to develop MyWish

How you can become an ambassador:

Applications are being accepted until June 1, 2018

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