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As we know that cryptocurrency tokens on the market have grown rapidly. Even in 2017, it has proven to be the peak of the success of cryptocurrency. However, the fact found in the field is not that everyone is able to use the crypto exchange platform properly.

The transaction process from one platform to another has taken a lot of time and even some platforms have quite complicated rules. Therefore, this becomes a challenge that needs to be resolved. I am very proud to recommend you a cryptocurrency debit card that will make it easier for you to make transactions. TENX (PAY) is a debit card that supports cryptocurrency.

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Introduce TenX

The main vision of a great project is to make it easier for you to spend your digital assets as easily as making transactions with FIAT funds. This debit card allows you to make transactions for goods or services anywhere. This project has experienced ups and downs since the ICO in 2017.

Since the sale of tokens on June 24, 2017 TenX has managed to raise as much as $ 80 million. According to what was quoted from the blog on their official website, the ICO price at the start for PAY was $ 0.87.

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TenX Platform

While this platform is equipped with great devices and strong security controllers. They want to ensure that users can use the platform more freely and easily. Thus they have decided to limit the number of withdrawals, expenses, purchases, which will prevent the use of unauthorized cards.

The platform has been supported by decentralized security smart contracts. By utilizing this service, users can transact with each service that receives a visa card. So this will make it easier for users to utilize the crypto assets they have.

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TenX wallet

At the time of development, TenX has also succeeded in making a cellphone wallet that will work with their crypto card. The application allows users to be connected with a card so that it is easier for users to transact. Similar transactions can be made, for example, shopping for goods or services to even shop online.

The application has ensured users to control in detail the activities that have been carried out. If at any time you lose a debit card, you can deactivate it.

This application has long been released in 2017. Users can download this wallet application via device IOS or Android. I have spent a few minutes looking at the reviews on the play store.

Some people welcome the presence of this application. However, some people highlight the performance of those who seem too late to release a card. Although comments like that are not related to the application, it will be something very reasonable to review the performance of the project developer.

The good news is that the TenX team responds to every complaint in the review section. It may be that they want to build a good interaction with their users so that they can receive any criticism and suggestions sent in the review section.

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TenX Team

Their team is a great person who has experience in various Ai industries, blockchain, R & D, business and marketing. The founding team of this project is based in Singapore. The CEO is Toby Hoenisch, who previously worked at One One Agency which developed and integrated payment systems with clients.

While the project president is Julian Hosp who previously worked as a medical doctor and professional kitesurfer.

The Co-Founder as a technical leader is Michael Sperk who has had quite a great experience in Visualyze which is a browser-based visual analysis project.

While as the Co-Founder and Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) is Paul Kitti who previously also worked at One ONE Agency as Co-Funder.

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Partnering with Multiple Alliances

TenX has partnered with several great crypto projects such as DigixGlobal, and Litecoin Foundation. DigixGlobal is a platform that converts gold into a gold token based on a smart contract from Ethereum. DGX is a token of the project based in Singapore.

The partnership with LiteCoin Foundation has enabled users to access LTC in cellular wallets and utilize services from litecoin debit cards.

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TenX Technology and Protocol

Basically the technology in the TenX project was built on the Comit network. This technology will enable users to spend blockchain assets wherever and whenever.

Comit cannot work with all blockchain and is only compatible with technologies that have multiple expenditure protection, timelocks, multisig support and hash functions.

By utilizing the Comit network this project will be easier for the verification process, exchanges are fast, cheap and very simple. TenX also strives to provide all technologies that support all financial aspects.

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PAY Token

TenX offers PAY tokens as the main platform support tokens. Every TenX wallet and TenX debit card user must hold a PAY token in their wallet. The Pay Token will be used to pay fees for transactions made by TenX wallet holders and TenX Debit Cards.

The total supply is 205,218,256 PAY. This project plans to be able to release Pay tokens as much as 55 million over the next 4 years.

The token has been distributed on June 4, 2017 which has been allocated for several purposes. 51% of tokens are held by the community as a strong trust for project developers. 29% is saved for community initiatives, business development, education, market expansion, and academic research.

PAY tokens are available on several exchanges such as DCOIN, BITHUMB, OKEX, BITTREX, HOUBI GLOBAL, UPBIT, or GATE.IO. All of those hurdles can be a reference because they have sufficient PAY transaction volume.

This Token (PAY) is an ERC-20 token so that it can be stored in a wallet that is supported by an ERC-20 such as MyEtherWallet. However, make sure you also store PAY in a hardware wallet such as Ledger nano S to ensure stronger security.

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What You Want to Achieve in the Future

The TenX team continues to strive to provide the best service to its users. Based on information from the site and their road map, the team will ensure that ethereum and bitcoin will soon be connected in Comit. In addition, they want to bring everyone connected to the blockchain by looking for blockchain banking licenses.


TenX is a unique cryptocurrency project. It cannot be denied that the development of crypto requires one service that is easy to transact without needing a lot of calculations, time and method.

This is a project that will make cryptocurrency easy to use for purchases of goods or services.

Their toughest challenge is to compete with projects similar to Crypto.com. This will be a question among cryptocurrency actors regarding governance, management and project development commitments.

It should be noted that some of the offer token gift programs contained in the white paper do not appear to have been fully implemented or may be eliminated. Or the team must ensure that the new crypto ecosystem is immediately linked to Comit.

Many things need to be pursued by the team from a few lags at the beginning.

The success of this project development depends very much on governance and management. It is important for the team to retract the user's trust by launching a debit card that is feasible to transact.

Or maybe by giving some gift offer programs to attract investors.

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This is not financial advice, nor a guarantee or promise in regards to any result that may be obtained from using the above content. The information provided here is for informational and entertainment purposes only. It should not be considered as financial and/or investment advice. No person should make any kind of financial decision without first consulting their own financial adviser and/or conducting their own research and due diligence.

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