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I optimize my portfolio

In the last weeks, I have had many conversations about the composition of my portfolio. If you are in FIAT and you believe that we are close enough to change trend on bullish or if you want to be sure, that your coins will survive this bear market and have good chances to make some really big giants in the next bull market, come to see my opinions:

Invest only in coins with real use cases. What cryptocurrencies have really good potential?

Platforms: ETH, ADA, NEO + ONT, STEEM
Cooperate with banks: XRP
Lending platform: NEXO
Paying: BTC, LTC (speculative)
Anonymity: XMR, ZEC, ZEN (speculative)
Decentralization of data: StorJ and SIA (speculative)
Internet fo Things: VET, WTC (speculative)

In the next post, I will focus on these projects and reasons, why I recommend them. It ´s not investing advice, it´s only my opinion.

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JSECOIN is also good. Replacement of browser mining as well as AdSense.

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I have looked at JSE and this coin has serious problems with volume. It´s now practically dead coin. If I want to buy it, I will pump the price by hundreds of %...