Beginners Guide on Digital Currency

My years in digital currency I have learned some key rules and they are:

Don't doubt what your investment strategy is, if all your research is positive. If you are unsure then stay out and don't invest.

Trading on hope may loose you a lot of money. It is better you study the market and be sure of what comes next. If you can't study simply pay for signals from reputable websites.

Buying into signals from companies or websites? First read the testimonials on the websites then google the reputation of the company or websites to be sure. You can also find out from forums about the company or websites.

When a coin is rising, you wait for the fall then you buy when you see a dip. Signals from reputable company will give you more information on when to buy. Though most of them are predictions that works.

Only the risk takers makes profit but sometimes you make losses. Most of all cut your losses and let your profits roll.

Remember not to fight the market. It goes up and down and if you miss your opportunity to buy or sell a coin, don't worry thousands of coins are available for trade.

In the Cryptocurrency market we have a lot of opportunity to make more profit that losses.


very good summary, I loved the concrete way to explain ...
Thank you

You are welcome

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