BIZSHAKE | A Complete P2P Sharing Ecosystem | Smart Contracts Based on NEO Blockchain | Vol. 2

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Ever since purchase to pay mechanism has been introduced in modern society, the world has been changing at a great speed. Renting instead of paying the full value has become a new practice by the new generation. P2P serves more than just renting. It helps to reduce the overproduction occurring when some asset is needed. Many tech giants have been using this mechanism and have made success stories out of it. But due to the use and popularity, many companies have been providing these services with a huge cut. BizShake has brought up just the solution needed for the problem. With less than 50% of the cut offered by other companies, the platform has set foot in the blockchain world. 

CEO Giuseppe Lo Presti and his team have made it possible to double the security measures and reduce the commission to which users could never imagine. With more than 2 decades of experience in multinational companies, Giuseppe came up with an idea to create dApps for the purpose of renting and pawing of assets. In addition to which, a complex security mechanism was invented to make it even more trustworthy. Introducing Blockchain technology enhanced the transparency of the project. NEO Blockchain was chosen for the mechanism due to its scalability and Quantum Proof algorithm. A total of 200,000,000 BZS tokens have been generated on the platform which can be purchased during the sales occurring in October this year. As per BizShake’s governance model for token holders, token holders will be entitled to receive 30% of the dividends distributed by BizShake Inc.

dApps launched by the company include SmartRent and SmartPawn. As per security measures, BizShake introduced SmartDispute, SmartCertify, SmartIdentify and Smart API into the system. With such a planned ecosystem, The Company managed to construct an easy to use UI with decentralization. To be beneficial for all type of users, the platform tapped every field in with P2P technology was in use. BizShake released the alpha version of SmartPawn in the third quarter of 2018. This dApp has been proved useful to pawners as well as lenders. While the pawner uploads the loan information in the description, Lender studies the need and decides to invest in the deal. The transaction provides huge benefits to both pawners and lenders. Without losing the property rights, pawners can easily monetize the asset and engage safely in the deal with the trust in the Blockchain. Lenders on the other hand, enjoy the economic return though interest and can even decide to give access to a certain period of time. 

BizShake also invented an Application Programming Interface (API) which allows the platform to create new applications with its logistics and mechanism. As the API provides access to the Bizshake’s Smart Contracts, the applications made on the platform can be transformed and manufactured for a particular purpose. A two-year roadmap has been displayed by the platform in which gives a glimpse of all alpha and beta launches until 2019 with its private and crowd sale. Half of the tokens have been allotted for selling whereas other half has been dedicated to founders, advisors, and reserve. For the benefits like P2P at its lowest rate possible, BizShake has been working really hard to make a million dreams come true.

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