Songs About Cryptocurreny or Bitcoin

in cryptocurrency •  last year

Hello Stemians, this post is for cryptocurrency & music lovers. I was indulging in my cryptocurrency obsession with some music and I decided to share some of the great songs I found. These are not my songs, and they are mostly remixes of other popular songs.

I will begin with my favorite one "All About That Bitcoin" by Naomi van der Velde which is her spin on "All About That Bass" by Megan Trainor:

Next up is "Bitcoin All The Way Up" by The Dollar Vigilante ft Freenauts @dollarvigilante which is his remix of Fat Joe's "All The Way Up":

Next is "B.R.E.A.M" by Zhou Tongued which is his remix of "C.R.E.A.M" by the Wu-Tang Clan:

Next is another one from Zhou Tonged titled "Price Down, Pick Up", his spin on Lil John's "Turn Down For What" & this one has a cool video with some lyrics & old people danging:

And Last but not least, here's "Satoshi Said Knock You Out" by BWA(Bitcoin With Attitude), a Bitcoin remix of LL Cool J's "Mama Said Knock You Out" that I'd like to dedicate to James Dimon from JP Morgan:

Hope you've enjoyed Stemians! Let me know what you think & please resteem to spread the crypo music! =]

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the first bitcoin song. -))) Nice, follow you.


Thank you I'm glad you enjoyed! =]

Can you solicit a miner if the exchange is coinsensual?


I see what you did there!