JSE Coin Mining Meme / JSE "cryptocurrency mined by webmasters built for everyone"

in cryptocurrency •  last year

If you aren't familiar with JSE Coin yet, check out my other Steemit post about it for more info about this new innovative cryptocurrency. The Steemit post I am referring to can be found HERE. If you are a webmaster(someone who builds or owns websites) then JSE Coin is an especially good opportunity for you. It provides webmasters with another way to monetize websites besides just selling ad space by using a javascript web browser based mining platform that allows webmasters to have their viewers mine cryptocurrency while they view. I hope everyone likes this meme I just made for JSE Coin & if you are a JSE Coin user please feel free to use this meme I just made to help you get some referrals just please, if you use this meme on Steemit just give me credit is all I ask =]

Sign up for JSE Coin HERE & you will receive 0.12JSE as an early user sign up bonus. No investment or purchase of any kind required.

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