The Heart of the Hype - What is PIVX actually all about

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The Heart of the Hype - What is PIVX actually all about

People refer to PIVX as the only new TRUE cryptocurrency to surface in the last 2 years. This is because it is one of very few currencies that did not have an ICO nor an instamine and the premine was provably burnt a long time ago. This has given birth to a truly retro crypto currency and a community behind it that actually believe in the technology and the ETHOS of the coin.

The thing that stands out when looking at the ethos of this Currency lies within it's MANIFESTO, though not official yet, it has been widely accepted by the community and will no doubt be accepted as the unwavering direction of the project by the masternode governance system. The heart of the Manifesto points towards removing power from the Masternodes and this is definitely revolutionary within crypto. Has their even been a currency where the Whales are this eager to remove the power from themselves.

Let's take a look at the Manifesto :

The initial Idea behind this was to protect the project from being overly concerned with price and adoption. The core values mention neither of these things. Privacy, community and Governance seem to be the key attributes of this rapidly growing community. Its easy to see why their slack has exploded from 200 to 1600 users this month and taken to price to an all time high of $1.

During a live hangout it was refreshing to see community member SnappySnap referring to the key values of the project while they pondered the success, and his views about using PIVX as a tool for giving back to communities all over the world. It seems the choice of PoS was more about protecting the environment than anything else, but it will be a key factor if the project does move to a system of voting which includes EVERYONE who holds any amount of PIV.

With the libzerocoin implementation still in the works, it seems that this currency is not prepared to stray from its core values and their altruistic nature, regardless of what price it gets to and this is a good thing as plenty of people are predicting PIVX to rival privacy giants like Monero within the year 2017.

Lets hope PIVX stays true to its manifesto and delivers a True CryptoCurrency by the people and purely FOR the people.

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Awesome post and great things ahead for PIVX!

  ·  last month

Very Exciting times to be in crypto! Great write up, Ill continue covering pivx because I think we can all get behind a fair and "green" coin.

  ·  29 days ago

The Dash tag is because of all your ethos I guess.

  ·  29 days ago

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