PIVX Interview with CoinInterview

3 months ago
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On 7th April 2017, a few Prominent members of the PIVX community appeared for an interview on well known YouTube channel CoinInterview.

The members were :
Grant (CryptoSwarm Sherpa)
Snappy Snap (Strategic Development)
Matias (Slack Supremo)
Spock (Developer)

The video is 2 hours long, so grab some popcorn.
Many topics are covered including governance, branding, compliance and contingencies.

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register you interest here:

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  ·  3 months ago

cool, I love this coin :-)

  ·  3 months ago

Get PIVX now while it's still under $1.

  ·  3 months ago

I've blogged and tweeted about you guys! I did not see this account til now!

I need more PIVX lol.... we all do!

  ·  3 months ago

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