PIVX in the news - 3 interesting articles #2

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Here are 3 interesting articles:

1. Zcash vs Zcoin vs PIVX (zkSnarks & ZeroCoin)

Quote: "PIVX is the first Proof of Stake cryptocurrency that has implemented the Zerocoin protocol. Zerocoin went live on PIVX on October 16th, 2017. The Zerocoin PIVX tokens are known as zPIV. Some of the key advantages of PIVX is it’s eco-freindliness. You can stake with less than 5 watts. The implementation of SwiftX Technology also allows almost instant (1 second) transactions."

Additional info, not mentioned in the article: PIVX has smaller Zerocoin sizes than Zcoin, more/larger accumulators and is cheaper to mint & faster.

2. Privacy Cryptocurrency Matrix Spreadsheet Compares Top Privacy Projects

Quote: "Cryptocurrency communities are often compared to tribes. As a result, it can be hard to objectively compare the different technologies and advantages of each cryptocurrency. To cut through the noise for privacy-focused cryptos, a Google spreadsheet has surfaced on the internet, allowing for users to see differences between different cryptocurrencies."

Additional info, not mentioned in the article: The sheet was created by fellow PIVian Turtleflax with the help of several other people knowledgable of other coins.

3. 12 Best Proof-Of-Stake Coins For Passive Income

Quote: "PIVX is a privacy coin built for fast transactions with “nearly nonexistent” fees. The PIVX staking guide has all the information you need, including links to the wallet. Dividends for staking PIVX range between 5-10%."

Enjoy the read!

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Why PIVX? (according to these 3 articles):

  • PIVX is eco-friendly. Stacking can be achieved with less than 5 watts.
  • SwiftX Technology allows almost instant (1 second) transactions.
  • Privacy by way of Zerocoin protocol.
  • “Nearly nonexistent” fees.

HODLing for long and just can't wrap my head around the fact that PIVX has so much happening and constant improvements but don't seem to get the attention of more.

PIVX is easily one of the most underrated and safest crypto-investments out there. EOS and even Dash is still valued at billions of dollars and PIVX is less than 300 million USD. Anybody who is putting their money in PiVX is bound to get X100 under 5 years.

Keep up the good work guys! It's crazy to see technological failures like XVG and XMR (They always claim they "fixed" it) get massive valuations compared to PIVX.

That's great. PIVX is still way underated, IMO.