PIVX has been added to ChainEX!

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Great news!

PIVX has been added to ChainEX and is now available for trading. ChainEX is the 2nd South African exchange to add us! It's a digital asset exchange that provides a platform for South Africans to buy, sell or trade a select number of digital assets and we're one of them! With this (and the addition of merchants accepting PIVX) our adoption rate in South Africa continues to grow!


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To ALL PIVX community members, feel free to RESTEEM this article! Let’s keep spreading the word of our amazing community focused privacy centric global cryptocurrency.

Keep it purple people!


More and more countries and platforms will be adopting the use of #PIVX.
what excites me a lot because as its adoption increases its commercial value increases and this is beneficial for all of us as users

PIVX will soon go to the Moon with more adoption and the anonymous DEX coming up! Also the bad news after all the hacks and strange things going on with Verge I hope people will realize the great potential of PIVX!!!

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