PIVX can now be traded on OpenBazaar!

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The best privacy coin meets the best privacy market

Did you now that OpenBazaar version 2.2.0 was released a few days ago and they have made it possible to to buy and sell cryptocurrencies?

Did you know that you can now buy and sell PIVX at the current market price?

Well, now you know!


Since their update, vendors on the platform are now able to use a new listing type to sell cryptocurrencies. They can choose from a select number of cryptocurrencies and PIVX is one of them!

Because OpenBazaar is completely peer-to-peer it is not an exchange. It only allows people to trade cryptocurrencies directly with each other at market prices. Users trading cryptocurrencies on the platform won’t need to pay any fees and they aren’t forced to reveal any identifying information.

Sounds good right? Let us know in our Discord if you bought some PIV through OpenBazaar!

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Great to know that purple is constantly spreading :)

So that's one more way to acquire PIVX... I feel spoilt for choice! 💜😊

improving in all aspects #PIVX continues to advance with its great team

Fantastic news!