DYK: PIVX is now listed on Binance!

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Hi Steemians and Pivians!

Just in case you haven't heard about the listing of PIVX on Binance and haven't read our Steemit post about it that we wrote two days ago, we made a new DYK video about it!

Our new community spokesperson Meredith introduces this DYK to you all!

PIVX/BTC, PIVX/BNB, PIVX/ETH pairs are live!

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ALL PIVX community members, feel free to RESTEEM this article! Let’s keep spreading the word of our amazing community focused privacy centric global cryptocurrency.

Keep it purple people!


I traded some there last night, I love Binance. Being listed there is almost a requirement now, to be seen as a reputable Crypto.

Meredith = gold :)

@pivx thats fantastic news now binance! yay this is one of my favorite investments this year, although I really did love the Darknet name mainly cos it sounds cool and ominous! lol The rebrand to Pivx is doing wonders for the crypto right now! fantastic news and great video keep up the good work!
Peace and love my friend!

Great news! I just bought Some PIVX!

Wow, really good news!

very beautiful pots you .. your post is very useful for me. .thank you.

i check out your web site but i don't get it. plz describe me

That's a great creation one..Thanks for sharing...

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