Pay your income taxes with Steem!!!

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Hello Steemers!! If you are here trying to create an income from blogging, you gotta check this out!


@firepower wrote an awesome article over at about how he got started in cryptocurrency and then steemit last year. He currently has the highest reputation rank of anyone from India.

I came across this article as I was reading the news section of the Steem currency page on the CryptoPro app on my iPhone! I found his username @firepower here on by searching his real name Meghan Naik. It turns out I am already following him! I saw that he hadn't posted a link to the article and I felt like all my followers might benefit from reading it, or at least get some much needed inspiration!!

thequint-2017-06-6b82dbab-a151-4eea-8eca-8104a05b5304-5a778058-20cb-4d30-b393-8f80c09cb764.jpgphoto by Meghan Naik

I especially appreciate how candid @firepower is when he reveals that "95%" of his income comes from blogging on and other cryptocurrency investments!! He then goes on to provide a clear overview of the history and current state of investing and the ease with which transactions are now made. He appears to be addressing a predominantly Indian college age audience, but I found the information and insight to be of universal value. I hope you do too!!

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steemit is the future

I have to agree @storcogato!! Thanks for stopping by!

Goodbye facebook

Amen!! Preach!!

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taxation is theft!

The opportunity Steemit brings is quite incredible.

It's really exciting. People who start working hard today are still in the infancy stages!

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